Duct Cooler Manufacturers - in Delhi, India

Raycor Electromech is the leading brand of Duct Cooler Manufacturers who uses the technical mind and expertise to design and manufacture the Duct Coolers. We manufacture this cooler by using the quality components so that it works in proper way to the long term. These duct coolers fulfills the dual purpose that is they can be used in two ways. These can be used by keeping it inside the bedroom or living space else it can also get fitted at the windows.

These coolers are made in such a way that it gives the high performance with the great quality of motor equipments and pads. The Duct Cooler is designed very sleek because of which they consumes less space and thus it do not need extra surface to occupy. We manufacture these coolers with wheels which make them movable and therefore these coolers become handy to be carried from one place to another in the houses or anywhere else. This can be done with small coolers but in large size coolers also we provides the frame of the stand so that those coolers can be placed and fixed upon it for their easy placement through window, etc.

We manufacture these products with some necessary specifications such as the sound absorber, etc and standard features of motor, Air diverters, noise operation and pump. These coolers are made with a duct so that it helps in giving much cool air. The Duct Coolers are ranging from 200ft to 1350ft in height. These are also made with the customer’s demand.


  • These are very light weight coolers.
  • These coolers are available with different parameters and sizes.
  • These are sold at affordable prices.
  • These coolers are having high quality components.
  • We cater Just in Time service.
  • We follow NO COMPROMISE Policy on Quality to our customer.
Duct Cooler Manufacturers